Manicure Pedicure Pouch Set 6 Steps


The Manicure and Pedicure 6 Steps pouch kit is an all-in-one solution for an at-home spa-like experience. This comprehensive kit is perfect for those looking for a salon-quality manicure and pedicure in the comfort of their own home. The kit is equipped with 175ml weight of each pouch, making it a long-lasting solution for multiple uses.

Key Features:

Contains natural and organic ingredients

Free from harsh chemicals and toxins

Cruelty-free and vegan

Pouch kit packaging with 175ml weight of each pouch


Softens and hydrates the skin for a smooth and supple feel

Removes dead skin cells for a brighter and rejuvenated look

Promotes healthy nail growth with natural ingredients

Provides a spa-like experience at home, saving time and money


Size: 175 ml per pouch

Packaging: Pouch kit

Overall, the Manicure and Pedicure 6 Steps pouch kit offers a convenient and cost-effective way to achieve salon-quality results at home. The natural and organic ingredients provide gentle yet effective care for the skin and nails, ensuring a healthy and rejuvenated look. The cruelty-free and vegan aspect of the product makes it a responsible choice for those who value ethical and sustainable beauty products.

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