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Anees Anees Cosmetics® is running its family whole sale business since 1975 in Karachi. Our name as known for trust and honesty all over Pakistan. We started manufacturing our facial products in 1995 by the brand of Anees Anees Cosmetics®, which made a strong name in market by its standard packing, quality and affordable prices.
We are manufacturer of a wide range of cosmetics products ranging from creams, lotions, and a number of products exclusively for institutions and beauty salons. Our brand name Anees Anees Cosmetics® is widely known and acknowledged as a quality name in cosmetics.
We have introduced wide range of skin care products and color cosmetics with the help of our research development center in Karachi.
We are making sure the availability of our products in beauty saloon & parlours, institutes and general trade by our well known distributions network.